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Publisher's description

Flowcode allows you to quickly and easily develop complex electronic and electromechanical systems. Once you have developed your program, the powerful environment gives you the ability to make use of the embedded in-circuit-test (ICT) and in-circuit-debug (ICD) features.

What's new in version 6.1


Feature additions:

- ESP8266 component now has a property to determine the command termination.
- Added an option for the quad 7-seg to clear a segment rather then displaying 0's.
- I2C CAL component now has Slave functionality.
- PWM component unhidden and back in Outputs due to popular demand.
- Added DALI and DMX-512 Master/Slave components.
- Added control of the contrast, display and backlight to the Picaso 4D Display component.
- TCP ENC28J60 now working with server and client examples.
- Added EBC28J60 TCP/IP Component, not fully finished but what is there works ok.
- WLAN Webserver improved support for large web pages.
- Added a port option for the T6963C gLCD component to allow much faster execution times.
- Added support for the T6963C Graphical LCD controller IC.
- Webserver-01 improved support for larger web pages.
- New component to drive ILI9341 type GLCD hardware.
- Webserver-02 improved support for larger web pages.
- Added new combo board component to supplement the functionality of the EB083 Combo E-block.
- New Bluetooth v2 component to improve the Bluetooth functionality without breaking existing programs.
- Added runtime control of the P,I and D parameters, might be a step towards auto tuning.
- ESP8266 Component - Problems with outgoing substitution.
- Added new type of sim switch in the form of a dashboard slide switch.

Bug fixes:

- Combo board had compile errors due to unconnected switch io.
- Changed the LEDs on the MIAC back to 3mm type and checked that they simulate correctly.
- Switch base component was returning the wrong state when set to active low, state returned is button state not pin state.
- EB083 Combo Board was missing a couple of mesh files.
- LED array - labels messed up and not redrawing correctly - Fixed.
- Simulation LED still referred to a pin connection, removed.
- TCPIP DLL large page handling fixed.
- LCD Control had a bug where it could not draw displays over 21 characters wide due to 512 pixel limitation.
- Servo controller for AVR was calculating the interrupt 8x too slow.
- USB Slave had an issue referencing internal function CheckRx.

Cosmetic changes:

- ESP8266 Reset pin connection is now hidden when using software reset.
- Changed some files in repos as the Component manager was reporting components with multiple source files.
- Update to the T6963 GLCD component to try and get it running.

*Tools and plugins

Feature additions:

- Added H/W detection to debugger plugin.
- Rename ICD/ICT dll "Ghost".

Bug fixes:

- Remove EB006v9 checkbox from options dialog.
- (1) Grey out ICD StepThru checkbox if detected h/w does not support ICD.
- (2) Disallow ICD simulation if no options selected.
- (3) Add dialog to report hardware detected and its capabilities.
- Improve comms on STOP/START target commands.
- Stop hang in comms when breakpoint hit.
- Enable breakpoints in ICD.
- Added drivers to the release bundle.
- Fix failure to connect to EB006V9 boards.
- When user program terminates, the simulation now stops correctly.

*CAL changes

Feature additions:

- I2C Slave, API changes, plus implemented on PIC (only, so far).
- ADC based Touch implemented on PIC16.
- support Touch via ADC.

- Bug fixes:

- Fixed dsPIC30 v dsPIC33EP compile issue.
- I2C C CAL added some redefs and fixed SSPBUFF typo.
- Fixed some register defs (PIC16BIT_CAL_ADC).
- Mods to the AVR ADC code to allow correct ADC operation on a at90can device.
- Added a new EEPROM type to the PIC16 code for the PIC24FV family.
- Fixed some bugs in the dsPIC CAN CAL file as specified by JK.

Cosmetic changes:

- Slight change to UART baud calcs to try to avoid excessive round down issue.

*FCD changes

Feature additions:

- Added mLoader programming options to the ECIO40P16 FCD.
- 16F636 added missing timer 1 interrupt.
- Added 64-pin variants of the ARM chips.
- Added new Arduino Yun target.
- Added two new Arduino targets to allow the auto detect system to work reliably.
- Added new FCD files for PIC24FVxxKX30x family.
- Arduino FCD mods to add in the default programming parameters and USB IDs.
- Added some new 8-bit PIC FCD files 16F150X.
- Added new Ard support to Leonardo, Micro and Nano328.
- Added Ard MEGA to known working devices.
- Updated ARD Uno R3 to have compiler overrides.
- Added ECIO40P16 definition file.

Bug fixes:

- Masked IOC interrupts were being assigned incorrectly in some PIC16 FCDs.
- Fixed a minor typo on the Arduino Mega pin outs for pin Digital 48.
- RXINT on ATMEGA324P referred to "USART_RX0_vect" instead of the correct vector "USART_RX_vect" includes Arduino.
- Added missing 4th PWM channel to ATMEGA32 FCD.
- Fixed an incorrect startup value for adcon0 on the 18F2455 family.
- Fixed an issue where the 12F615 device wouldn't compile due to forced redefinition of porta and gpio.
- Found a lot more PIC16 devices with the EE type bug.
- Added a new EE type for the 24FV family.
- Renamed the ATMEGA164 to 164A to allow it to compile correctly.


What's new in version 6.0

1. Improved Simulation:
Flowcode v6 has improved its simulation, making system design easier and faster.
2. Component Creation:
Users can create their own components for more realistic system design and simulation.
3. Test Features:
The test features in Flowcode v6 allow users to verify and record a system under test.
4. 3D Graphics Engine:
Extend your design to include electromechanical components and systems.

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